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We are currently looking for innovative solutions that solve the main challenges regarding New Work at EDEKA. New requirements and challenges that emerged from Industry 4.0 and the current employer market have caused a change in the work environment. Our goal is to see this change as a chance for innovation in the following fields of action – with focus on our workforce in stores!

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Can Your Solution Solve These Challenges?


How can we shape the candidate journey to successfully fill open positions in EDEKA stores?

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How can we increase employee satisfaction to retain employees in the long-term?

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How can we organize collaboration in stores to make work more flexible?

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Save the Dates!

9th November
Submission period
4 weeks
Submission Deadline
4th December

Your Benefits

Partner up!

Get the chance to partner up with EDEKA to officially validate and distribute your product or service within EDEKA!

The best solutions that solve a current challenge within EDEKA will be published in our Open Innovation Call report. This report will be presented to top decision-makers within EDEKA as well as to a number of large independent merchants.

How do I know if I get in?
We will evaluate all incoming solutions and check if your solution has potential in the EDEKA infrastructure. We will get back to you with insightful feedback and a proposal for next steps.


We Believe In Your Ideas!

Is this you?

  • Startup, SME or corporate with tech focus
  • Your solution matches one or more of the EDEKA challenges
  • Your solution is market-ready and set to be tested
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